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Updated: Apr 29

Are you a fan of poker world or fascinated by the stories of making money overnight ?

Well, it isn't as easy as it seems. they didn't went lucky or they had some magic tricks.

Behind every success stories there is hard work, dedication, struggle and sleepless nights of studies that most of us doesn't know. Every successful or winning poker player spend hours everyday to study poker. They spend hours finding their leaks and understanding the game and their opponents better. That's why only a few poker players becomes a winner poker player over a long period of time. More than that every new poker player should know that, Study shows that "ONLY 5% - 10% OF POKER PLAYER MAKES MONEY IN THE LONG RUN"

That means, Like any other sport, poker require study, hard work, dedication and patience to be master at it and to be a WINNING PLAYER. And Unlike any other sports, a poker player has to be good at understanding people and their behavior, who can read people's expressions and gameplay to adjust their gameplay accordingly.

It is strongly advised that all new players to understand the games and learn and spend some time may be few months with freerolls or play money chips before they start playing the real money games.

We don't want to discourage you, But we want you to have a proper and clear picture of the game before you join. You might have heard success stories many times but you don't know that many poker players lose most of the time and some goes bankrupt too.

Poker is beautiful and skillful sport like any other sport, if played responsibly and it require hard work, consistency, discipline and many more effort to be a successful poker player.

It is true that playing poker will give you flexibility and freedom of your working hours and you will be your own boss, but you will have to give more time in poker than your regular job and it will impact your mental heath and your sleeping cycle. You will have lesser time for your family, friends and social events. Live poker is not frequently played everywhere in India and you will have to move to other places to play on a regular basis. Thanks to online poker for those who cant move or visit other states frequently to play poker. There are multiple poker site which offers good action day an night. But online poker could be stressful and unhealthy as you will be sitting on a chair with clicking buttons for hours and playing alone. you cant see your opponents and have to be dependent on quantity rather than quality on online poker. What i mean by "quantity over quality" is that you wont be able to see your opponents and their reactions in online poker, so your decision will be based on your hand strengths and the statistics most of the time. So, you have to play huge number of hands to check the statistics of players and to beat the variance which is much higher in online poker than live poker. May be because the hands played per hour is also much higher than live poker or may be because the software is made in such a way to provide maximum action to players and maximum rakes for businesses. so, in online poker you have to play huge number of hands to beat variance and to be profitable after Rake.

RAKE is another big issue in poker which we will talk about in our next article.

If you have any suggestions or have something to write, please send us an email or comment here.

Thanks for reading.

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