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Updated: Apr 29

Here are the few things to keep in mind before we start playing. Weather you are playing poker for fun or want to become a professional, these tips will help you to be better in game. we will post details about each and every tips later on.

  1. Start at low stakes : If you just learnt the game and want to try your hands on the game , we strongly recommend try playing freeroll tournaments first and try to build bankroll from freeroll itself. If you want to try cash games, start at low stakes. you to see the whole picture and get a feel the whole game looks. You will understand positions, what poker hands you should play and can take everything in practice.

2. Understand and learn : different poker terms like positions, odds and outs,

bet sizing, Ev, bankroll managements and so on..

The more you search about poker the more you will get to learn. keep searching for free resources online you will find a lot of useful articles and courses.

apart from free courses there are many paid courses which can be really helpful learning the game and getting best at it.

we will come up with some recommended courses and recourses in next article.

3. Play when you are comfortable :

Play only when you feel like it or you are going to enjoy it. Playing in a tense mood can lead you to make a bad decision which may lead you on tilt later .

4. Discipline :

Give it time to learn and to be familiar with the game. Make a routine and set a guideline for your daily grindings. try to maintain these routine and guideline everyday. Most of the pros follows a strict routine and they stick to it. some of them suggest yoga and meditation to be better at the game and to control tilt.

5. Avoid chasing losses :

If you are loosing despite of making good decision or you are having bad beats at a table, consider taking a break and come back later. Variance is a reality and you have to face it. don't try to recover the losses at the same moment. don't chase the losses ,let it go...players and poker aren't going anywhere, you will have plenty of time to recover your losses or to make profits.

Always think poker in a long term profit and loss.

6.Be patient :

Poker is a game of skill only when you are ready to give it time ,only when you are ready to grind, when you are ready to accept the variance !

Be patient and continue grinding ,continue learning and you will start to see results itself...

We will come back with useful resources and topics for you to be better at the game.
Till then....wish you good luck at the tables.
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