Adda52 India's Biggest Poker Or Scam Site ?

It wouldn't be wrong if we say Poker and scam are two sides of the same coin in India. Multi accounting, ghosting, and backend deals are very common with almost all Indian poker sites.

We all know poker is growing fast in our country and more and more people are joining in, not just joining the game but also taking it seriously and putting their efforts to be better at this game.

But when a major poker site cheats on its own players, that's an alarm to all poker players and the community.

Adda52 which claims to be India's largest site has been proved to have cheated it's players multiple times.

A long ago, adda52 was charging extra rakes from players on cash tables without letting them know. A normal standard in the Indian poker industry is that they charge 5% of rake from players on cash tables and in tournament buy-ins. But a poker pro found out that adda52 was charging extra rake on cash tables in each hand and he posted in a poker group. Later it found out to be true and players got to know they have been charging extra for months actually...can you imagine? How much money they have cheated on their players ?

Later on adda representative and owners accepted accusations and said they will return the extra rakes charged from players, but i don't really think they returned everyone. And what about those who don't play regularly? They have kept the money.

One More from a Poker Professional :

That's just one incident.

Many times it happened that they have introduced extra flight tournaments in a multiday tournament.

Going ahead ... recently many players posted in poker groups that the site has poker bots or house players.

When players complained to their support they always neglected the issue and said they have all genuine and verified players on their site, but when the issue came in light in poker groups and players, they accepted the fact that some ids were suspicious and they were blocked.

Can you guess the number of ids they blocked?

35 ids or you can say bots a written statement in a poker group, adda52 brand ambassadors admitted that they have blocked 35 ids .

Now, the real question is why they were not listening to the players when they complained about same to them individually. And how can someone else use the bots if they monitor the tables 24*7?

That leaves us in a guess that those were implemented by adda or adda employee itself .

Even after that, every now and then players are complaining about bots on their site and those are not just new players, it's the pro's and regs who knows poker in and out, has been complaining about this in players' group.

You can see, new IDs piping up every day on cash tables on 5/10 10/25 stakes and they will win like God. I am not saying new players won't be joining poker, but joining 10/25 stakes and playing like that is something i don't believe to be real. And if new players are joining every day, where are old players going?

Only those who are real, you can see them every day and those who are multi-accounting or bots will come up with new IDs every next day.

So, in short, poker is a beautiful game, but these poker sites have made it worse, for the greed of more rakes they have done everything to take the money out of players' pocket.

Online poker is not safe nowadays, and not just adda52 , i think almost every poker sites are just after the money from players and doesn't care about the game at all.

If you still want to play poker on adda52, i really wish you GOOD LUCK !!!

By, A player on Adda52

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